And, I saw Spelman College as my escape route to freedom. Little did I know I would carry exactly who I was from Archer, Florida straight to Atlanta, Ga.....Spelman College, and Chadwick Dorm

I took my love for all things clean, neat, and 3D to the best Female College in the world. I majored in Political Science but, I have learned that was just a detour to Blogs and Websites and my ability to develop people's vision on to paper in Graphic Design.....

But, I did not act...or start on this technical, graphic design, & website design journey until 2006. And, I can't remember what sparked the move in that direction. I know I started a Sports BLOG back then and I LOVED it! Spent at least three hours on it daily and received a lot of hits. Once I realized I could contract a blot on a simple platform like Google....then I started to read and train myself on other platforms. As I expanded my knowledge, I expanded my business and clients.

There is so much more to my be continued.