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And, I saw Spelman College as my escape route to freedom. Little did I know I would carry exactly who I was from Archer, Florida straight to Atlanta, Ga.....Spelman College, and Chadwick Dorm

I took my love for all things clean, neat, and 3D to the best Female College in the world. I majored in Political Science. I have learned it was just a detour to Blogs and Websites and my ability to develop people's vision on to paper in Graphic Design.....

But, I did not act...or start on this technical, graphic design, & website design journey until 2006. And, I can't remember what sparked the move in that direction. I know I started a Sports BLOG back then and I LOVED it! Spent at least three hours on it daily and received a lot of hits. Once I realized I could contract a blog on a simple platform like Google....I started to read and train myself on other platforms. As I expanded my knowledge, I expanded my business and clients.

Rev. Robinson also gave the support to follow my second love and that is Sports Radio. I have had a 

love for sports since the 72' Dolphins. Instead of dolls and other girly stuff I could recite the roster of Don Shula's Dolphins for many years. I watched football games whenever I could on tv or in person. I watched basketball, baseball, and golf the same way. 

I was able to start my own Podcast in 2013. I was able to develop a Network of shows in 2015. I have not look looked back since. NHISG Sports Media Network and Never Had It So Sports Radio were born.  The mission is to give people the voice to convey theirs passion on the airways. To bring worthy content to our Podcasts & Network with articulate and knowledgeable host around the country. 

I haven't talked about Family. My parents shaped me. Doris Williams Cooper Jones was my 6th Grade Teacher, 7th Grade Principal, and my MOM! I don't really know my biological Dad, Euclid Cooper. Bu, my Mom did  remarry when I was eight years old to Arthur Jones. I have two brothers. Euclid Cooper Jr.and Sherman Cooper. 

I married after college to William Hickmon. Together, we had two beautiful daughters, Lauren & Kristen. My Mother received her wings in 2004, and my Step-Fathers received his in 2018. My older brother Euclid received his wings in 2016. 

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