The Vaccine

Well, on April 7th, 2021, I received the Vaccine. I remember my level of fear this time in 2020. Our Country, America shut it's doors to most outdoor living experiences. The only movement was that out of necessity.

I remember searching for bleach, tissue, & paper towels. They were the most valued commodity of 2020. Normal people became hoarders of it. My circle of friends were calling each other and letting us know where a substantial amount of these products were. To say the least the country was in a mess and we had #45 as the President of the United States. His track record as a President doesn't warrant me writing his name.

But, I digress. Rev and I made appointments and got our first does of Pfizer. Our second dose is in May. The technician who administered the shot was professional, nice, and quick. It was virtually painless.

Now, I did feel some soreness later on that night. I actually felt a little unbalanced while sitting there my obligatory 10 minutes after getting the shot. I would have been concerned if I had driven myself.

Today the soreness of my arm is more pronounced. Especially when I woke up. As of 230PM Est. it has subsided a little bit. But, it is my only symptom.

A heartfelt thank to all that worked on this Vaccine. I really pray for those who have decided not to get it as a change of heart.

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