Spelman Sister On Spelman Lane

I became aware of Spelman College through my HS Guidance Counselor, Wilford Griffin. As I look back on my time with Mr. Griffin, I truly loved my time with him. He kept me on track. Encouraged me to lead and follow my dreams beyond Florida.

So, when we started to talk about College options, I mentioned University of Florida and he said, "No, I want you to go away to college and expand who you are. What about Spelman?" I had never heard of Spelman before 1979. I did not know of the rich history. I applied to Spelman, University of Florida, Georgetown, and Stanford. At that time, I didn't fully understand the HBCU experience....the value of it. Or, the mystique of the HBCU experience and the rich history of Spelman & Morehouse.

Spelman's acceptance letter was the last one to be mailed to me. At that time there was no email or internet.

I was celebrating getting excepted to all of the colleges I applied to. And, to be honest I didn't see myself going way over to the West Coast but, I was enamored with Stanford and California.

My heart though was waiting on the acceptance letter from Spelman College. And, when I got it was thrilled. I was honored. And, I didn't realized how honored I should have been....how my journey through life would be shaped by that acceptance and my four years of undergrad.

My Mother planned harder than I. Although, she asked me to go to Florida and she would get me a brand new car.

Nope, I was set on Spelman. I was set on Atlanta, Georgia. I made a choice to leave Archer & Gainesville, Florida. I am so happy I did. I cam back four years later prepared to take on the world.

So much more to write about those four years. My Mothers reaction when I came home. My College Roommate all four years at Spelman Angela Bedford. Our Quad of Angela, Dominique, Kim, and myself. What a whirlwind! And, then was Dr. Reese!! So much more.....


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