I Am My Mother - Doris W. Cooper Jones

I feel a lot of Women fight that in their youth, teenage, and young adult life. But, the older we get the more we look, act, and sound like our Mother. I know I do. I have to many that I ran from with pride. But, now I wear it with pride.

Doris W. Cooper Jones wore herself well. I guess I am saying she represented all that was pure in life. She exemplified integrity all through the halls of Archer Community School and Archer, Florida.

She loved to dress. And, she was considered a sharp woman in many sense. Sooooo many that I run into say, "Your Mother was the pillar of our community.....and she use to beat me in her class." That obviously was when paddling was allowed in the school system along with prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance.

I said all of that to say.... this picture reminds me of my Momma. #DressedEverytime

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