I say to my friends, Michelle, Carlissa, & Gwendolyn a lot....."this thing call life is no joke." Everyday is it's own small journey. Most days fall into place as I have planned them. And, yes, I am a planner. I don't go through a Calendar and place everything there but, I do map out my day.

I guess this is a topic for me because I do find the trials of life for me and for those that confide in me to sometimes a real shock. People are people. And, people do some strange things....act in strange ways....and rarely respond to life the way you do. It is that life lesson for me that brings so many shock waves into our daily lives.

We are not perfect people. We don't make great decisions everyday even when we attempt to.

I think a lot of Life's trials subsequently come because of that.

More to come.....

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