I have alway been interested in Graphics. This interest started before "Graphics" was a household name. Or, at least before it was a value to Companies worldwide.


As a youngster roaming the halls of Archer Community School in Archer, Florida, I would redo the Bulletin Boards for the teachers. 

You see Archer Community School was my second home. More ofter than not if Doris W. Cooper Jones was there in her 6th Grade Classroom more than likely Princess & Sherman were roaming around somewhere. Usually Sherman was out playing on the grounds and I was enjoying the Company of Hazel Taylor, Eva Bradshaw, Sherry Janes, Inez Courtney, Ann Hill, and so many more.....

I developed a knack for those cut out letters and numbers for the Bulletin Boards. And, if the season changed...or if there was a holiday, Teachers wanted their Boards to reflect the change. I became the go person. Hence, my start in Graphics, 3D looks and the entire Artsy phenomenon!! 

I have always liked for my work, homework, and any paper materials in my possession to be just as straight and new as if they came off the presser. I loved neat and orderly stuff. Clean with popping color made my day.

At Newberry Jr. Sr. High I continued this journey with the Yearbook and occasional posts in the School Newspaper.

At Spelman College I majored in Political Science. Still the neat freak with a touch of OCD in all things....



Princess La-Shan Cooper