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As a Network our goal is to bring the best radio communication to our listeners on a daily basis. We strive to be a part of community and bring community issues to the forefront. We will bring the best sports talk radio with coaches, players and analyst. In addition we will have special interest shows that will inspire us all to do better and to be better. 


Please take notice of all shows on the right. And, please be sure to note show times. 


We are excited about the network and the forum for intelligent conversation about all topics in all genres. 






NHISG Sports Media Network, LLC



We started this with a small vision to discuss the topics in sports. And, we decided to do it from the forum of a Barber Shop....Hills Barber Shop in Columbia, SC.


From that very first broadcast in 2012 we have turned into a Network. A Network that welcomes the diversity of topics, hosts, and style.


We decided early that we did not want to be relegated to AM or FM. We wanted to be heard around the world. BTR provided the Server and a Network was born. The success did not come over night. But, the key is...success has arrived. And, it is because of that success that we have been able to create a network of shows and create a philosophy and brand that extends across the globe. 


I am excited to say, "We are not national but, we are Global!"


Princess Cooper & John Robinson







We exist to help those  their business achieve, succeed and prosper.

The Network Radio Network is an international radio network focused on empowering others with insights and success strategies from inspiring messengers.


Our network is filled with dynamic hosts who are passionate about helping and serving others. 


The Network – Regularly scheduled shows on Network Radio Network explore the various subjects of health and wellness, motivation, sports, recruiting. business success and other cutting-edge topics.


Tuning In – You can access live broadcasts from your computer or telephone from anywhere in the world, or they can download any show in the network’s archive after the live event.


The Hosts – The Network Radio Network hosts are tops in their field. They are bestselling authors, businesswomen, coaches, strategists, entrepreneurs, speakers, players and all-around inspiring people. They have great experience and expertise to offer, and will tap into the wisdom of a variety of featured guests.


Our Hosts include: Renee Huewitt-Hall, Sherilyn Bennett, Russell Moore, Warren Preston, David Riley, Traci Easley Scott, Regina Johnson, Cindy Smith, Annie Bell, Lloyd Bell Jr., Lloyd Bell Sr., Annie Salley, Erica Michelle, Shacafrica Simmons, Calvin Brown, Dequan King, Glenn Lamar, Virginia Lynn, Marlon Reid, Clarence Harrod, Gilbert Saenz, Venita Coney, Don Miller, Aaron Williams, Regina E. Williams,. Rudy Govan & Michelle Govan  




Aaron Williams

David Riley

Dequan King
Doretha Anderson

Elliott Johnson
Gilbert Saenz

Gretchen D. Simmons

Pastor Hugh Harmom

James DeShay

James Arnold

Jason Collins

Kevin Walker

Larrice Dukes

Tim Turner



Manny Nunez

Marlon Reid
Renetta Watson

Regina E. Willimas
Regina Johnson
Rudy Govan
Russell Moore

Skyy Wonders

Tasha Heemstra

 Travis McGhee

Ty Manns

Venita Coney

Vincent Sanders

Yolanda McGhee

Steve Thornton

Patric Infante 





NHISG Sports Media, LLC has a mission. Our mission is to provide a trusted source of information, music and entertainment for the curious and thoughtful people in an efficient, sustainable way that meet the needs of our listeners while strengthening the civic and cultural life of the communities we serve.


     Broadcasting around the globe....