Annie Salley along with her husband Warren Salley founded The Last Days Outreach Ministries. She started several other outreach ministries. Outreach Senior Daycare, Outreach Learning Center for under privilege children and Co-owned the Outflow Adult Day & Healthcare Center. Pastor Salley is an anointed woman of God. She has been preaching and teaching for over twenty-five years. Pastor Salley has a degree in Human Psychology/ Christian Counseling, Life Coaching, and Biblical Studies.  She is also the creator and host of “Wake up Call” blog talk radio show.


 Her motto is “God bring you to it, God will bring you through it.”



Regina Johnson, a former professional cheerleader in the National Football League, started and directs The Father’s House. Johnson knows firsthand how the streets of the inner city can destroy people’s lives. "I grew up in this neighborhood," she says. "Many of the people I went to school with have been derailed from God’s purpose in their lives."

To help her old friends and others like them, Johnson leads Sunday morning services and Thursday night prayer meetings. The facility that houses The Father’s House and the parsonage were donated to First Assembly last year by another church that is now defunct.

"Regina said she had a burden for people in that area," says Maddoux. "We wanted someone who had a heartbeat for that area and she does."


Marlon Reid, born into a family filled with hope, Marlon Reid turned his life into a map of convictions at a very young age. Chasing money before his dreams, this former drug dealer and addict sought out new beginnings by turning his life over to God. At the age of thirty, Marlon welcomed his newfound name ‘Man of God’ with open arms, although his transformation did not come with ease. For nearly nine years, Marlon lived the life of a transient with uncontrollable means. With no guidance or true support, each plan of escape faltered until he connected with The Source and was redelivered unto his Faith.  Seeking refuge from himself, Marlon asked God for forgiveness, guidance and an increasing amount of Faith to be bestowed upon him. It was at this moment that he was no longer blinded by the deconstruction of Marlon Reid and could see the works of God happening before him.



My name is Gilbert Saenz, I am a mental health counselor who worked with many different populations and I wrote this book while I was going through difficult stages in my life. All of my pain and suffering is represented in words that I share with my audience. This book represents my spiritual journey in life and deals with controversial subject matters, it is not meant to be read by kids or anyone under the age of 18. This book is my healing process and represents how I overcame the odds to enjoy the success that I have earned today. Come experience the spiritual transformation for yourself, be a part of the journey and become spiritually reincarnated.



Stepping out of the box and pulling out all stops, DeQuan “D.KING” King is captivating our younger generation for Kingdom empowerment. For over a decade, rap has been the foundation upon which his ministry is built. So although “BLOODCERTIFIED” is his debut album, he is no novice when it comes to writing, performing and ministering the gospel. Over the span of the last seven years, D.King has not only acquired a strong local community backing, but has also had the opportunity to minister across the nation.

D.King believes that ministry must come before the music, because music is simply one of the many tactics that God uses to effectively reach his people. His ultimate goal is to reach and empower his generation where they are, to elevate them to the place God has purposed them to be.



Rudy D. Govan is the co-founder of Govan Coaching and Consulting - a company committed to the growth and empowerment of men and women through the P.A.V.E. Your Way to Success Program and Coaching. He is also the co-host of P.A.V.E. Your Way To Success Radio Show along with his wife, Michelle Govan. Rudy’s professional background includes attending Gwynedd Mercy College majoring in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing. Rudy has worked many years in the human services area, before transitioning into project management, business and entrepreneurship. One of the programs that he has developed is the 90 Day Game Plan that will move you from where you are to where you want to be. Rudy Govan has been instrumental in assisting the development of other programs within the P.A.V.E. Your Way To Success Program. He is also a graduate of the Living Water Outreach Worship Center. Rudy currently serves as the head deacon and armor bearer at Living Water Outreach Worship Center. Rudy is a husband and a proud father of 3.



Doretha Anderson. I am a Florida Native, currently living in Ocala, Florida, a loving mother of six talented children. Playing sports together as family keeps our family bonded.

 In high school, I played flag football which I enjoyed very much. In my adult years, I coached youth basketball at the YMCA.

I am blessed to be the #1 fan at my children sport games. I love cheering for my children while they were playing basketball, football, volleyball, soccer, and cheerleading. Being a sports mom is what I am and will enjoy it for life!



Mrs. Cindy Smith was born in Baltimore Maryland to Judith Lockman and Jerome Thomas. She is the loving wife of Marvin Smith, and the proud mother of six wonderful children. Mrs.Smith was reared in military schools in the US and abroad which has contributed to her ability to speak several different languages to include fluent German. Mrs. Smith studied at Strayer University and the school of "LIFE" She has a extensive background in Marketing and all areas of Accounting. Currently, Mrs. smith Is the host of the Hottest new blog talk radio show, "Been There And Done That" 
Mrs. Smith is the National Field Director for Simply United Together Global Inc. She has also held the position of Regional President as well as SR. Regional President, within the same non profit organization. She serves as Life/Relationship Coach, Motivational Speaker and Spiritual Advisor.  Mrs. Smith is the Founder of Dollz Of Faith Ministries, Diamond Dollz and Diamond Princess, and last but not least the Diamond Elites. She also founded  "Warming Toes and Blessing Souls" Sock Ministry. She is a "AVID" Humanitarian  with a love for youth, and is always willing to lend a helping hand with a pure heart..



Pastor Aaron Williams

GREETINGS, in the name of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ.

Although I may never meet you "in the flesh," we can meet right here, right now and rejoice that God has chosen us to

be in His royal Family. He is our own real Heavenly Father that cares, directs, and watches over us. Hallelujah! 

The Lord Jesus Christ is our actual elder brother and the precious Holy Ghost is on the earth right now fulfilling all the Father's will. Brothers and Sisters, we are on our way to heaven to be with God forever! What an inheritance! What a destiny! I can hardly wait but until that time let us go on, down here, following the Holy Ghost wherever He may lead us knowing that in Him our work is not in vain



Prophetess Angela Henderson is an Atlanta, Georgia native. She was called into the ministry at the age 22. In 2004 she founded, begin and Pastored Voices Of The Age Ministry under the leadership of Pastor Bennie Foster of Now Faith International. In 2012 she served under the leadership of Apostle Zoe El Of Kingdom Works International East in many different compassidies, including Praise & Worship. She currently Pastors Light So Shine Ministries International along side and under the leadership of her husband Bishop Timothy E Henderson.



Bishop Timothy Henderson is truly an anointed vessel. He is the Founder of Light So Shine Ministries Intl. and CEO of SBR Music Group which are both based out of Georgia. Bishop Henderson is more than just a promoter, producer and songwriter he is a true artist. He believes in writing songs that essentially glorifies the Lord. Ever since his born again experience at the age of thirty, listening to gospel music became a part of his life and daily walk with God. Bishop Henderson is a professional gospel international artist that has been performing for 34 years. Bishop Henderson have been bless to traveled the USA and around the nation along with other international artists. Bishop Henderson is naturally gifted sound for gospel music and he has a unique sound. Bishop Henderson's musical background goes back as far as he could remember. From a child he was told that whenever he would hear music he would find something to sing and write about. His parents recognized his talent and made him apart of their family singing group. From there he began to develop his skills as a professional gospel artist. He song in many churches, all the way up to his early 20’s. Although he started out as a singer he later gravitated over to the drums, the instrument that always interested him most. In the year 2016, Bishop Henderson and His wife launched the record label called SBR Music Group. It was truly a step of faith but they did it. It was then that he began to work with various potential artists looking for the right act for the company. In the year 2016, Bishop Henderson will be releasing his wife first album under their label that Bishop Henderson will be producing. The album is the breakout hit that they had hoped for it to be. Because it was always so challenging for Bishop Henderson to find producers to arrange his songs the way he desired, it consequently caused him to have to invest in his own studio, resulting in him realizing the musical gift that God had given him. It was then from there that he began producing his own music. After eleven years of perseverance "SBR Music Group", is moving forward under the hand of God’s prosperity. Today Bishop Henderson is keeping occupied with two new projects that he's currently producing. No doubt Bishop Timothy E. Henderson aka "Mr. Singing Boy" is well on his way to a successful career in the gospel industry as a promoter, producer and songwriter.





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